Patient treatment areas need your help

Imagine being faced with a life-threatening illness and being told you’ll need to come to hospital for multiple, hours-long appointments to get better. Those sessions can be hard physically and emotionally. And the experience can be even worse if the chair you’re sitting in is uncomfortable, worn out or even worse – in need of repair.

Most people might not realize that government funding does not include equipment replacement and because of that we depend on donations.

That’s why Grand River Hospital Foundation is hoping you will help us raise $250,000 this spring to improve our patient treatment areas that are located throughout our large hospital.

Today’s new treatment chairs, for example, have many advantages that benefit patients and help medical staff. They are lighter, stronger and can be repositioned higher or lower. The ability to position chairs in many different ways provides much more comfort for patients needing to sit for long periods of time for treatment like chemotherapy and dialysis. This feature also makes it easier for nurses to deliver care without putting stress on their bodies.

Can we count on you to help bring this new equipment so that patients can focus on getting better and staff can deliver exceptional care?

Make a donation or learn more about how the community’s support can make a difference.