This holiday season support our childbirth program

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Bringing light to the babies born at Grand River Hospital

Over one year, 4,300 babies are born at Grand River Hospital. In a community that’s growing, this number could rise and we need ensure our team has the best equipment to support these future families.

Lights in the childbirth program

Right now, the lights in the childbirth program are outdated and need to be replaced. Without them, our care providers are not able to get the clarity they need.

Grand River Hospital has a three-year plan to upgrade the lighting system in the childbirth program and we need your help. This year, we’re raising $200,000 to help support this important need for mothers and babies.

World-class health care professionals need world-class equipment so they can make the most of their skills and expertise. By donating today, you’ll make sure our team has the equipment they need to give your loved ones the care they deserve.