Congrats Kathy!

Angela Olano

Kathy Martin of Kitchener usually 'doesn't check for the winning number' on the Grand 50/50 website or the messages we send out.
But last Wednesday September 1st, she read our email and saw her winning number 3180396 for a $13,095 jackpot.  "I called the hospital 50/50 hot line, and sure enough they confirmed I was the jackpot winner. I have never won anything like this before."
Well Kathy, you sure picked a good time to win by playing Grand 50/50.  Asked what she'd do with her winnings, "I just bought a patio, so some will go towards that, and I'm thinking about visiting my son who works in Africa."

What will you do if you win the Grand 50/50 jackpot?

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