Komal Singh

Komal Singh

Komal Singh is a techie by day and a storyteller mom by night. Komal has been working in the technology realm for 15 years and is currently an Engineering Program Manager at Google in Kitchener and works with engineering teams that build planet-scale infrastructure and innovative products FTW. Throughout her career, Komal has worked in management and technology consulting firms as a software engineer and delivery manager, launching products for many Fortune 500 clients across many industries.

One of Komal's passion projects aims at using AI in novel ways to tackle the lack of diversity in kids literature. This ties in nicely with her interests in writing; Komal is also a bestselling author. Her first book, a kids’ picture book on STEM titled Ara The Star Engineer speaks to Komal's mission to inspire young girls to become tomorrow's leaders. This has been published globally in over 10 languages. She is now preparing for the launch of the book sequel in Sept 2021. Her work has been featured in her TEDx Talk, Globe & Mail, CTV, Forbes etc. Komal has been nominated as KW Rogers Oktoberfest Women of the Year, KW Zonta Women of Influence, and Pathfinders of Waterloo Region.

Komal grew up wanting to be a spy and even completed her Master’s thesis and published IEEE papers in ‘computational criminology’. She is always up for watching and reading spy thrillers. To add, she has her own pottery studio set up at home named “Kind Klay” (Instagram @kind.klay). It’s her zenful hobby to reboot, and she happily sells some of her creations by donating all proceeds to a charity of her patrons' liking.

Komal was raised in India and studied Computer Science at Delhi University and later moved to Canada to complete her Masters’ degree in C.S from Simon Fraser University. She currently lives in Kitchener-Waterloo with her husband and two small children.

"Joining the Foundation Board is my way of contributing to a noble cause and giving back to our wonderful community. I’m especially inclined to explore avenues where technology can be used in innovative ways in service to humanity, including healthcare advancement.

Our younger child was born at GRH and we were floored by the attention and care that was afforded to us. Few times we’ve landed at the ER for my daughter, and some of our friends, knowing that we will be taken care of in an assured manner. With the pandemic upon us, I myself have gotten testing done here and been impressed and humbled by the tireless commitment of medical professionals. We are fortunate we live in a region and country where we have access to quality healthcare at a hospital like GRH. My hope is that access to healthcare continues to be equitable for all of us, and I’m honoured to do my small bit in making that happen by being on the Board."

One of Komal's Waterloo Region gems...

"Of late, the whole family has been enjoying yummy treats from The Sconery in Belmont village. Each of us reaches for a different treat though - I go for the almond/pistachio scone!"