Cancer Care

Celebrating 20 years of keeping cancer care close to home.

When a cancer diagnosis touches someone’s life, everything changes. Life almost stands still. At Grand River Regional Cancer Centre, we understand the magnitude and impact of learning you or a loved one have cancer. Its specialized treatment and personalized, patient-centred care is our core purpose.

Donate to Cancer Care
The main site and cancer partner of the Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program, we’ve been providing leading-edge care to patients across our communities for 20 years. The Cancer Centre is a full-service cancer treatment and research centre, with special areas of care including:
  • chemotherapy
  • radiation therapy
  • supportive care (e.g. social work, registered dietitians, spiritual care, etc.)
  • inpatient oncology
  • pain and symptom management
  • palliative care
  • clinical trials

Today we see more than 400 patients per day (on average), and the need is expected to rise. We need donors, like you, to keep innovative and exceptional patient-focused cancer care close to home.

Grand River Hospital and Foundation have prioritized five key projects that will enable our Cancer Care team to continue providing exceptional, patient-focused care in our communities:


Janet Turner
VP Philanthropy
Cancer Care Lead

Did You Know?

  • ✪ Nearly 1 in 2 Ontarians will develop cancer in their lifetime

  • ✪ Since opening in 2003, the Cancer Centre has journeyed with nearly 53,000 cancer patients

  • ✪ On average, over 400 patients visit per day, compared to nearly 40 per day when we first opened

  • ✪ In 2023, we partnered with the Princess Margaret Cancer Network, aimed at streamlining and enhancing trials, offering cancer patients in our region more opportunities to participate in world-class clinical trials