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Host a Grand Grill

SIGN-UP is FREE. Have a BBQ and raise some $$$ and win some prizes!

The Summer's Greatest Grilling fundraiser runs from August 1 to October 12, 2020

Let's enjoy the summer by bringing the Grand Grill to you! The summer's greatest fundraiser runs from August 1 to October 12 and you're the host.

Think you are the best Griller? Know the difference between charcoal and gas?... Now is the time to get your grill on!

Register today and start fundraising for Grand River Hospital.

The more your Grill raises, the more you get to spend in the Grand Venture marketplace. Need new tongs? We've got you covered!

Sign up today!

    If you would like to support us please contact Melissa Shuker, Director Impact Giving at 519-749-4300 or melissa@grhf.ca