A child sits in a transport chair while waiting for care and next to their parent who is placing a hand on their shoulder.

Grand River Kids

Keeping kids' care close to home.

It’s tough being a kid. It’s even tougher when you have to spend your time in the hospital.

This is where the team at Grand River Kids steps in. And, with your support, we can keep kids’ care close to home.

Donate to Grand River Kids

Our team at Grand River Kids works hard to make sure our patients and their families feel welcome and comfortable during their hospital stay. By understanding and responding to the unique and complex needs of pediatric (newborn to 18 years) patients, they’re able to make the hospital experience less stressful for our patients, and their families. This includes keeping care close to home, which helps limit additional expenses and time spent travelling to receive care for local families.

As our communities’ pediatric centre, Grand River Kids needs the ongoing support of donors, like you, to ensure we have the specialized equipment and treatments available to offer peace of mind and comfort to families when they need it the most.

Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of patients and healthcare providers alike. Be a part of the Tools of Care campaign and help equip our incredible healthcare team with the right tools for their jobs. Your donation will go directly towards purchasing essential medical equipment, updating existing tools, and ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to the latest advancements in technology.


Ashley Howat
Chief Giving Officer
Kidney Care Lead

A child sit in a stroller while waiting for care at that Hospital. Their parent is leaning in to stroke their hair.

Did You Know?

Donating to Grand River Kids is a critical investment in:

  • ● Patient and family care and experience
  • ● Research and advancements in treatments
  • ● State-of-the-art equipment and technologies
  • ● World-class health care in our communities