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Renal dialysis chair

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In recent years, dialysis patients, and the Renal Patient Family Advisory Council, have been  strongly advocating the hospital to upgrade the old, uncomfortable treatment chairs built for  patients to sit in for one procedure. 

As dialysis patients must receive treatment 3-7 days per week for 4-5 hours per treatment,  chairs meant for one-time procedures simply do not meet their needs. Dialysis is a life saving treatment that ties patients to a chair for a large portion of their lives. 

We are in the process of converting all our current dialysis chairs over to more comfortable chairs - something all patients, and the nurses who often hurt their backs caring for them in the old chairs – desperately deserve. We are in need of 45 more chairs. 

The chairs are electrically adjustable and have three separate sections, such as a separate leg rest, seat and back for maximum safety and comfort. The backrest is designed to support cardio pulmonary resuscitation if needed. The chair has a long service life, low maintenance costs and because of the “snap on, snap off concept” is easy to maintain and clean. The chairs also make it possible for patients to exercise while on dialysis – a critical component of staying healthy on dialysis. If  these chairs are approved for general use, the renal department will also be able establish  an exercise program for patients. 

Each chair costs approximately $6,000.