Non-Monetary Gifts


At Grand River Hospital, through every night, every snowstorm, every holiday, and even through a pandemic, babies are delivered, surgeries are performed, cancer is treated. 

The care never stops.

After a long year, it's time to come together (while staying apart!) once again to salute all front line workers in Waterloo Region.

Lead by the generosity of Larry and Margaret Marsland, who want you to join them in reigniting the passion and support of our region, we are pleased to announce, on the anniversary of the first COVID-19 patient at Grand River Hospital - the Blue Ribbon Project.

Make a donation, feed our front line workers, tie a ribbon to a tree on your lawn (... or car, or mailbox, or dog collar - the possibilities are endless).

Show your support to workers who haven't stopped supporting us.


The Marsland Family

"If you’ve been at Grand River Hospital in recent months, you may be struck, as we were by the added pressures COVID has placed on hospital staff, and how hard they are working to provide the best possible care in very difficult circumstances. As the hospital braces for the third and perhaps worst phase of Covid 19, Larry and I have made a commitment to help our local health care heroes at Grand River Hospital by providing inspiration and support that is outside the envelope the government can support. We’ve made a commitment to use our experience, and compassion for health care workers as a catalyst for a grass roots, community-wide, demonstration of support. Please join us."