Gifts from the Heart

We are incredibly grateful for our community's support throughout the year and providing non-monetary gifts to our hospital ensures that our care providers can enhance our patient's experience.

Gifts of Care

In lieu of a physical gift, consider making a donation to one of our care areas through our "Gifts of Care" program which is designed to enhance patient experience this holiday season. 

Gift Cards

We are always in great need of gift cards to provide patients. Consider donating gift cards from retailers that provide:

- Coffee (Tim Horton's, Starbucks, etc.)

- Meals (restaurants that offer delivery or fast food chains: Subway, McDonald's, etc.)

- Personal hygiene products (Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall)

- Groceries

- iTunes cards (helpful in many departments to support music therapy)

- Department Stores (Amazon, Walmart, etc.)

- Xbox or Nintendo Digital Gift Cards 

- Local retailers who might support items for babies and children

Gifts cards are also easily sanitized and can be easily distributed to various care areas of the hospital.

New & Unopened Toys

We are able to accept small toy items. All items donated must be new and wrapped in original sealed packaging without any pieces or parts exposed to the outside environment. New items can also be placed in a clear plastic resealable bag for extra protection. Our Children's department loves to give out smaller gifts to patients since they are easy to store and easy for families to take home. These items include: 

- Single hot wheels car packs

- Single Barbie's/action figures

- Small Lego sets

Items we are unable to accept

At this time we cannot accept donations of soft items or items that we cannot safely sanitize, this includes:

- Novels or magazines

- Stuffed animals

- Homemade blankets or hats

- Items with exposed parts or pieces

Hygiene & Toiletry Supplies

We are also able to accept new hygiene supplies for various care areas of the hospital.  These items support patients who have extended stays at the hospital to helping people who enter our emergency department and everything in-between. 

These items must be new in original packaging in a fully sealed box or in a clear plastic resealable bag for items that do not come in a fully sealed box (i.e. for bottles of soap or deodorant). 

Here some of the most requested items throughout the hospital:

- Liquid soaps (body wash, shampoo, & conditioner) 

- Toothpastes and toothbrushes

- Deodorant (for men and women)

- Feminine hygiene products