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We are currently recruiting clinical volunteers for opportunities at Grand River Hospital and community volunteers to help with fundraisers and special events!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please register through our volunteer portal or learn more below.

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Grand River Hospital Volunteer Association

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Vulnerable Sector Letter

When requesting a vulnerable sector check, you may be asked to provide an official letter from the volunteer agency. Please get in touch with us by completing this online form, and we will give you an official letter within one hour.

The vulnerable sector check is only a requirement if you are 18 years of age or older.

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Hello from our Staff

Meet Karen & Kelly our Volunteer Managers.

Areas of Care

At Grand River, we have defined eight distinct Areas of Care to encompass the health services we offer -- it helps supporters like you understand what we do and how you can help. Each coloured petal on our lotus represents a different Area of Care.

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The Grand River Hospital Volunteer Association is integral in ensuring care. never. stops. Having raised millions of dollars in support of the hospital and operating the gift shops and Tim Hortons at both the KW and Freeport Campuses, they embody our commitment to providing a world class experience for everyone who comes through the doors of our hospital. Their unwavering dedication continues to have a big impact on patients and staff every single day.

Orientation and Training Resources

Please review the following documentation prior to attending your first volunteer session. Click on the links to review the documents and watch the videos below.

Volunteer Orientation
Offence Declaration Form
Volunteer Reference Form
Volunteer Policy
Privacy Policy
Accessbility Training
AODA Training
Respectful Workplace Training
OHSA Training
Hand Hygiene
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
How to Wear PPE

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