2023 Dog Calendar Supporting Grand River Kids Pediatric Oncology

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Anna and Kate are 8 and 11 who love dogs and love to support Grand River Kids in their cancer treatment journey!

This year marks their 3rd Annual Dog Calendar, and they have already raised more than $2,500 for Grand River Hospital’s pediatric oncology program over the past two years.

These young community fundraising champions teamed up with Scotland's Yard, a vision for enhanced cancer care for all children in Waterloo Region. Scotland's Yard is inspired by Scottie, a 3 year old girl in remission after her 15th MRI!  She's been cancer free for a year.  Scottie is featured on the 2023 Calendar cover! 

Anna and Kate collected these beautiful dog pictures from neighbours, friends and family. .

Their goal this year is to raise $1,500. The 8" X 11” calendars make great gifts, or you may be just as happy to hang one in your own home!  Each calendar is $30.00 and net proceeds go directly back to Grand River Hospital's pediatric oncology program as a part of the Scotland's Yard initiative. 

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