Communicating - Claire Donnison



  •  1/25 limited edition- 11” x 14”

  • Photograph on Acrylic 


I have lived with ADHD my whole life. I thrive on structure, schedules and security with a side of spontaneity. Covid didn’t care about any of that and I found myself having great difficulty coping with the everyday. Words were failing me both figuratively and literally. Sentences trailed off without completion and the frustration often manifested itself as anger with curt sentences or a raised voice. It made loved ones walk on tenterhooks as my mood could change in an instant.

Abstract photography has always resonated with me both as a viewer and photographer. My art evolved as I discovered that digitally manipulating my photos gave me both an outlet to cope with all the confusion in my mind and a way to share with others what it feels like. ADHD is more than just forgetting where you left your keys. It has been described as having a Ferrari brain with bicycle brakes; you just can’t stop it even if you want to. My self-proclaimed “Pinball Brain” is wired differently, I look at and respond to things differently, and I can get overstimulated from within as well as from my environment. 

I want my art to bring awareness to some of the aspects of my ADHD that are hard to articulate; the explosion of simultaneous ideas and thoughts, their intensity, and the need to shut down and reboot. But also that I experience it as an abundance of creativity rather than a deficit. It can be a good thing.