Dragonfly Circles - Roslyn Ramsay



  • Acrylic
  • Canvas
  • 18x24x1.5
  • Unframed


Roslyn Ramsay is a Contemporary Expressionist painter working in acrylic, watercolour and mixed media from her studio in Kitchener. She pursues her connection with nature through figurative, landscape/waterscape interactions, inspired by the spontaneous exchange of abstract shapes and colour images reflected on water. Water’s infinite reflective complexities gives an innovative freedom that she expresses through her art.

I have experienced the pain and trauma of personal loss of a loved one; my son, and I found myself at a standstill for a long period of time as an artist and a person. I was unable to cope with the feelings of anger, hurt and confusion. Eventually, I began writing down my feelings in poetry and later I picked up a mirror and much later, I began a self portrait on canvas. I shattered the mirror and the jagged pieces became another expression of my despair in a multimedia work that reflects the infinite imagery of the dragonfly and the idea that life and death are a part of a continuum. A series of acrylic paintings on canvas called Interconnecting Worlds stemmed from my interest in Quantum physics and the Entanglement Theory that states: “everything in the universe is connected and distance cannot destroy that connection”. As I was searching for answers, the dragonfly life cycle made sense to me. My family observed the dragonfly nymphs crawl onto the dock many times and shed their shells to unfolding wings. The dragonfly begins in the water and crawls above to emerge with wings in another world and cannot return to the water world. The painting perspective from beneath the water has played a vital role in my creative process and formed the direction of many paintings to follow. My paintings reflect a deep connection with nature and originate from my living experiences and a conscious awareness of our coexisting relationships and interconnections. Painting and writing allowed me to take a breath from reality, focus on creativity and helped me begin the healing process.