Early Ancestor - Roshan James



  • "18x35.5"
  • Stretched canvas, unframed
  • Acrylic, washi, mixed media 


Creating visual art is a tool that supports my mental health and has helped me process through difficult times in my life. The artworks I’m submitting for this exhibition include pieces I created over that past year while contemplating. Existence, my own layers, shadow work, connection to ancestry, and struggle in the community at large. I used textured layers of acrylic and mixed media to evoke strong emotions and choose subjects and figures that show the vulnerability of the human condition.

Roshan James (she/her) is a Tibetan-Indian poet, interdisciplinary artist, and musician, living as a settler in southwestern Ontario. As part of the South Asian diaspora, with a spiritual connection to nature, humanity, and realms of consciousness, James researches, experiments, plays and creates to connect the every day with timelessness: consciousness, mindfulness, non-attachment, unconditional love, hope, purpose and healing. Entrenched in her work is anti-oppression advocacy to represent marginalized, melanated voices and dismantle colonial, capitalistic systems designed to control and impoverish society. Roshan studied at Queen's University and the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto, and she holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from York University, summa cum laude.

You'll find her on social media, most active on Instagram at @roshan_james.