Folding Walker



A two wheel rolling walker is defined as a walking aid with two front wheels and no rear wheels. These walkers are geared toward users who have more limited mobility and can walk slowly. We recommend adding gliders or tennis balls to the rear posts so that the user does not have to lift the walker at every step. The gliders also add some friction to the walker when walking and will stop the walker from rolling away.

Primary use - Two wheel walkers are for indoor use and short walks outdoors. Two wheel walkers are super lightweight and therefore great for travailing, some walkers as light as 5 lbs.! Note: 2 wheel walkers do not come with a seat. If you need a walker, please consider our one of our 4 wheel rolling walkers.

User height / Handle height - The height of the user will inform you to the correct handle height of the rolling walker. To get the optimal handle height measurement, measure the distance from the wrist of the user to the floor while the user is standing,.

Handle height recommendations for users:

  • Under 5' - handle height of 25"-30"
  • Between 5'-6' - handle height of 30"-35"
  • Taller then 6' - handle height of 35"+

User weight - Most rolling walkers have a a weight capacity of 250-300lbs. If you weight over 250lbs. you should consider a model from our selection of heavy duty rolling walkers. Heavy duty rolling walkers not only have higher weight capacities, they also have a seat built to accommodate the user's wider frame.