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Green Acre Park Donation Match Program (Fall Edition)

Green Acre Park helped our local hospital this past spring by raising money to fund necessary and high demand PPE (personal protective equipment) during the initial stages of Covid-19.  Bruce Martin, GAP owner, put out a challenge to our seasonal customers to donate any amount up to $500 and he would match it.  Within 2 weeks of this Matching Donation Campaign, the customers raised over $50,000 and then the park matched it which brought our total just over $100,000! 

We are going to raise funds again with our transient campers, however the money raised can be designated by you to go to areas such as mental health care, cancer care, Grand River kids to name a few.  Here is how it is going to work:

Make a reservation to camp with us during the week of October 13 - 20, 2020 and also donate to Grand River Hospital up to the amount of your campsite reservation cost.

You must camp during this specific week in order to participate in this fundraising campaign.

When you donate on Grand River Hospital website, you can specify what area of the hospital you want this money to be used. You will also receive a tax receipt for your donation - from Grand River Hospital.

GAP will match that donation and give you a Gift Certificate for the same amount  of your donation for your use in the 2021 camping season. 

Please write your site number in the Order Notes box. The match begins October 13th and ends October 20th, 2020

To read about the results of the Spring 2020 match, visit; 


To make a donation personally by connecting with someone please contact Susan McKenzie, our Vice-President Philanthropy at 226-921-5642 or susan@grhf.ca

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