Looking Beyond - Michael Chow



  • "16x20"
  • Framed


Mike experiences his evolving art as a “progressive culmination” of his former full-time vocation as  educator, pastor, psychotherapist, and spiritual healer. He feels that discovering the infinite connections  among art, photography, landscaping, and spirituality is not only “re-creational” and healing, but also great fun.

Healing is the process of finding balance, equilibrium and wholeness, the human response to disruptions  to living and even the threat to life itself. Whether one is healing from physical, mental, or spiritual  injury, the healing process can be complex and arduous and impacts every dimension of life. In the face  of suffering—asking “why me?”—I want to capture the natural world in my art as hope-filled metaphors  of my meaning-making process; to affirm the resilience of the human spirit within each of us. In this  exhibition, I want to explore ways my art can illuminate and amplify the dialectic aspects of the healing  process, including subjective emotional highs and lows, experiencing despair and hope, often concurrently, and to better embrace the dance between brokenness and wholeness that I believe is  universal.