Clinical Trials Research at Grand River

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Our Learning + Innovation Area of Care provides researchers and clinicians the opportunity to work together on groundbreaking studies that help Grand River advance exceptional care. 

These funds directly support Clinical Trials at Grand River Hospital in our community. 

What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are a formal way to evaluate if a new treatment, which could be a medication or other type of therapy, is better than what is currently used to treat a condition or disease. Clinical trials are important because that is how researchers test new treatments and establish whether they should be adopted as new standard treatments for patients. Clinical trials help determine the safest options to deliver the best treatments in the right way to the people who most need them. There are a number of ways that trials may benefit patients.  

Are Clinical Trials Safe?

Every clinical trial must be approved and monitored by a Research Ethics Board to make sure the risks are as low as possible and are worth any potential benefits. Once the trial is approved by the REB, the organizers of the study must follow a careful plan, called a protocol, that describes exactly what will happen during the study. 

What type of Clinical Trials take place?

Many clinicians working at Grand River Hospital collaborate with academic institutions, as well as government and private agencies, to conduct clinical trials that contribute to improving patient care. We also promote other types of research projects such as prevention, diagnostic, screening and quality of life studies.

There are always clinical trials taking place at Grand River to drive forward healthcare in our community and the world.  Funding supports all aspects and costs of this research. We are currently seeking to raise $100,000 a year for this work.


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