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Meet Monica Caudle, Kris Ronan, Nikki Weiler (above from left right) Jeff Horst and Seth Jutzi. These young professionals are making a difference at Grand River Hospital.

Philanthropists who are making an impact to GRH early in their careers

Whether it’s serving on the Board of Governors, planning a fundraiser or advising on projects, these five individuals are brought together by their passion for supporting their local hospital.

Jeff Horst, Kris Ronan, Seth Jutzi, Nikki Weiler and Monica Caudle are Grand River Hospital Foundation volunteers and supporters you might recognize. All are closely tied to Kitchener-Waterloo and have a story to tell about why giving back to health care and Grand River Hospital is important to them.

Jeff Horst explains, “We all need the hospital at some point in our life.” Jeff is the Co-Founder of the digital marketing firm, echosims inc., and has been part of the Foundation family for more than four years. In Jeff’s role as a Board Member and Chair of the Marketing and Communications Committee, he brings a savvy to digital fundraising and reaching out to a younger, emerging demographic.   While Jeff was in the early years of starting their company, he saw the impact of local business owners giving back to the community and wanted to do his part. A mentor at the time suggested that he get involved with the Foundation.

GRHF Board Members Jeff Horst (left) and Seth Jutzi (right)

When Jeff’s family experienced a health crisis two years ago, he experienced the hospital up close. Although it was a difficult time, he appreciated the exceptional care the staff provided. “Even today, I still learn more about Grand River Hospital and the health care system. Our hospital really is a leader and there is so much to share.”

The Foundation’s champions help us spread the message about the impact of Grand River Hospital.

For years Kris Ronan supported the Foundation by attending events but recently he decided to do a bit more. Intrigue Media, a marketing and video advertising agency where Kris is Partner, has expanded from its roots in Guelph to the hub of technology in Kitchener-Waterloo. “A business is as strong as the community around it,” explains Kris when asked what drew him to volunteering with Grand River Hospital Foundation. What intrigued him about health care and Grand River Hospital in particular is the advancements in research and programs for patients support.

As busy as he is building Intrigue Media’s business in Kitchener-Waterloo, Kris has joined two signature event committees, ready to help with sponsorships, guest participation and strategies to market the events and tell stories to inspire donations.

To ensure the Foundation is a high performing organization, the Board of Governors of Grand River Hospital Foundation has recruited Members with diverse professional backgrounds.

Seth Jutzi is a Lawyer with Sorbara, Schumacher and McCann LLP and chair-elect of the Grand River Hospital Foundation governance committee. Seth joined the Board for very personal reasons, his mother receives dialysis in the Grand River Hospital renal program.

Seth understands that his legal expertise directly benefits the physicians and staff who care for his mother. Seth says his mother’s care team is incredible. Well, so is Seth.

He may be new to this Board but not to non-profit governance. For those who may be considering volunteering Seth advises, “Use the skills you’ve gained in your professional life and apply them to something you’re passionate about. Find a cause and an organization that matters to you.”

To celebrate their grand opening on Belmont Avenue in 2012, Janet Lynn’s Bistro owner Kevin Wong and junior partner Nikki Weiler hosted a Mix and Mingle fundraiser for the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre and in memory of Janet Lynn Leslie. They thought it would be a one-time event, but four years later the much anticipated spring gathering of JLB’s local clients has grown and has raised a lot of money.

Nikki has learned so much from the experience and puts her dynamic personality to work in getting suppliers to make donations, clients to attend and donate and to raise awareness about the impact this fundraiser has for thousands of cancer patients in Waterloo Wellington. “It’s an important cause that affects all of us. We all know people with cancer and we can all do something for the cancer centre to support them. It’s hard work, but I feel so good when everyone is in the restaurant visiting, laughing, eating good food and drinking good wine – enjoying their life. It’s what every restaurateur wants for their clients.”

It’s no secret – every member of the Caudle family has been involved with the Foundation for a very long time. The Caudle’s Catch Golf Tournament is older than Monica Caudle who finds herself at the helm of planning the family’s thirtieth anniversary charity golf tournament.

With a diploma in business administration and management, she is eager to apply her skills and help continue the event that has raised $187,000 for the Grand River Hospital Foundation. “I’m looking forward to what’s next and how I can give back as my career develops,” Monica says, “We all need health care services and I want Grand River Hospital to be there for me and my family, our customers and our community.”

Grand River Hospital Foundation is grateful to Jeff, Kris, Seth, Nikki and Monica for their passionate support of local health care, their energy and creativity.

The future of philanthropy is bright in KW.

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