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Rich Peers: going the distance for GRH

Rich Peers: going the distance for GRH GRHF story Rich Peers: going the distance for GRH GRHF story

Meet Rich Peers. Local resident and business owner using his love for long distance running to raise funds for GRRCC.

Local resident and business owner, Rich Peers has turned his love for long-distance running into an opportunity to give back to his community. For the second year in a row, Rich has raised funds for Grand River Regional Cancer Centre participating in a local long distance run. In 2016, he participated in the ENDURrun and in May 2017 he ran the 100 mile trail run at Sulphur Springs Trail.  He plans on making this an annual tradition.

The motivation for Rich is his passion for the hospital. As a former Emergency Department volunteer, Rich understands how vital GRH is to the community. “Everyone is going to use the hospital at some point,” said Rich. “My family has used GRH on a couple occasions; most recently was for my father who passed away from pancreatic cancer. I was blown away by the incredible care my family received.”

While Rich helps support his community, he has an encouraging community behind him. “I’m surprised every time by the generosity of people and hearing that what I’m doing inspires them,” said Rich, “it’s encouraging and inspires me to keep doing it.” Much of his success in running and fundraising Rich attributes to the support of his running group, The Running Rarebits. Over the past two years, Rich has raised $2,400 for Grand River Regional Cancer Centre and he plans to keep giving back the community.

When asked for advice on fundraising Rich had this to say: “Have fun with it. It doesn’t matter how big or small your fundraiser is or how often you do it, anyone can give back. Every dollar adds up and makes a difference.”

This November, Rich and his friends will walk 24 hours to raise funds for our cancer centre. To donate to this fundraiser click here.

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