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Sue’s story

Sue’s story GRHF story Sue’s story GRHF story

Meet Sue. She has been supporting Grand River Hospital for 20 years.

Community pride and dedication inspired Sue to give to Grand River Hospital for more than 20 years.

Sue always felt it was important to give back. But when she saw this community’s sense of responsibility for Grand River Hospital she was amazed and encouraged to give more.

“I remember when the cancer centre was being built; there were many community events and several people making donations beyond what they normally would. I realized this project meant a lot to everyone,” said Sue. “Our community’s pride and ownership of local health care was contagious. Giving became more personal for me, something I knew I just had to do.”

We are thrilled to celebrate the continuing generosity of Sue and those like her that help Grand River Hospital. Thanks to the support of monthly donations Grand River Hospital can develop new programs, purchase new equipment and so much more to meet the needs of our community.

Today, Sue continues to give back in many ways to Grand River Hospital knowing one day she and her family will need its services. .

“It’s wonderful to know that my donations are helping my friends, family and people right here in my community.”