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The Esbaugh family: making a difference together

The Esbaugh family: making a difference together GRHF story The Esbaugh family: making a difference together GRHF story

Meet Barb and the Esbaugh family. They have raised more than $230,000 for cancer care in Waterloo Wellington because of their family’s experience with cancer.

Have you ever had an unexplained circumstance happen to you and no one has the answer for why it happened?  This happened to me ten years ago.

In August 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, thanks to Grand River Regional Cancer Centre, I’m coming up to ten years of living cancer free.

The Grand River Cancer Centre was definitely a big difference maker for me. For what seemed like the most horrible thing anyone could go through, was without a doubt made easier because of its staff and location. My oncologist, Dr. Califaretti, was absolutely remarkable.  The programs at the cancer centre were very helpful and the radiation process went smoothly and without any concerns.  With my appointments being every day, I found I was in and out in 15 minutes and able to get back to home quickly.  The accessibility and proximity of the centre was invaluable.

It seems like every time we turn around one of our family members is going through some type of cancer treatment, several we have lost along the way.  My husband, Rick, and his brother, Ron, have lost several aunts and uncles to cancer. I lost my stepfather to cancer in 2006 and my mom was treated for lung cancer several years back in 2000. After my treatment of breast cancer, I was back at the cancer centre with Rick and Ron’s dad, Harold.  He lost his battle to cancer in September, 2013.

Feeling passionate about raising awareness and helping find a cure, I started raising funds for breast cancer even before I was diagnosed. I participated in walks to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research. When I signed up for my third walk, I had just started treatment but decided to participate anyways.

Our family is proud to manage Tri City Ready Mix and Tri City Materials, concrete and aggregate supply companies and that year, my husband surprised me by painting one of the dump trucks pink in support of breast cancer awareness.  He brought the truck to the event.  It was so inspiring for all of the ladies there and was a big hit!

After watching my teammates and I complete that 60-kilometre walk, my husband and brother-in-law, Ron, decided they wanted to start raising funds locally. This was the beginning of the annual Tri City golf tournament to raise funds for Grand River Regional Cancer. We are now in the ninth year and to date has raised more than $237,000 for local charities!

Everyone in our family has been affected by cancer in some way.  With facts stating that about one in two Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime and one in four will die of the disease, the need for cancer centres like Grand River Regional Cancer Centre is imperative.  Help them to help you and me!  Everyone will be affected by cancer at least once in their lifetime!

On behalf of the Esbaughs and with the help of our great community we are so proud to be able to help raise these important funds FOR our great community.  We are very honoured and humbled to have a plaque mounted at Freeport. This facility is such an important part of the on-going fight against Breast Cancer, and the Tri-Cities are very fortunate to have such state of the art screening and talented and compassionate medical staff.

~ by Barb Esbaugh, former patient and current donor, on behalf of the Esbaugh Family

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