Celebrate a Loved One With Grand Memory

Celebrate a Loved One With Grand Memory

Celebrate a Loved One With Grand Memory

Celebrating the people you love in a way that is meaningful to you is important, especially when they are no longer here. With Grand Memory, you can now create a personalized memory page in your loved one's honour. It’s a special way to remember someone whose life has touched yours—a way to keep their legacy alive and ensure that their impact and influence continues to be felt, even after they are gone.

In addition to creating a meaningful online space to honour and remember your loved one with friends and family, you will also be a part of shaping our health care for the better, making an important difference for the people receiving care at Grand River Hospital and their families. Grand Memory pages enable visitors to make donations in your loved one's honour that will help advance care, fund new and cutting-edge medical equipment, educate health care staff, seed new initiatives and more. 

Your loved one’s memory page can include any photos, stories, information or memories that you would like to share. You can also choose to be notified whenever someone donates in your loved one’s memory, and you will have the ability to personalize the messages on the tax receipts sent to those who make a donation. Once your memory page is created, you will receive a custom URL (web address) to share with your friends and family.

Our goal is to support you in creating a meaningful experience to celebrate and remember your loved one. To create a memory page or to learn more about Grand Memory, please visit GrandMemory.ca.

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