Celebrating Health Care with a Gift in Support of Grand River's Greatest Needs

Celebrating Health Care with a Gift in Support of Grand River's Greatest Needs

Celebrating Health Care with a Gift in Support of Grand River's Greatest Needs

Every year, the team at Heartland Farm Mutual proudly comes together to support initiatives that give back, both within the broader communities they serve and in places where their employees, agents, and brokers work and live. With their head office right here in Waterloo, Heartland chose to generously donate $30,000 to support the highest priority needs at Grand River Hospital this year—which, in turn, helps Grand River Hospital provide the best possible care close to home.

While health and wellness are a pillar of community giving at Heartland Farm Mutual, its importance has become increasingly evident as we continue to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeing the members of our community continue to step up to help one another in the face of adversity and the incredible resilience of our health care workers inspired them to support Grand River Hospital. It’s their way of giving back to the health care workers who have given so much to ensure our safety and care over the past year and a half. 

"Grand River is the regional hospital that serves our greater community, and we thought this would be a worthwhile gesture to thank health care workers," said Rocco Neglia, Vice President, Claims, Loss Prevention & Marketing, Heartland Farm Mutual. "Their efforts have been extraordinary, and in recognition of that, we would like to say thank you."

And this isn't the first time Heartland has supported patients and staff at Grand River Hospital as a part of their community giving program. Early in the pandemic, when PPE was in short supply, the team at Heartland took it upon themselves to procure medical masks for hardworking health care workers across the province. They were able to support a local company as it converted to producing PPE for the very first time to help meet the demands of the pandemic, and Heartland donated 3,000 medical masks to eight Ontario hospitals, including Grand River Hospital.

Despite the unprecedented challenges our health care system has recently faced, the ongoing support from the individuals and organizations in our community, like Heartland Farm Mutual, is what enables us to continue to provide great care for every member of our community.

Our sincerest thanks to Heartland Farm Mutual for their continued commitment to local health care and their gift in support of the highest priority needs at Grand River Hospital.

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