Celebrating the Future of MRI Together

Celebrating the Future of MRI Together

Celebrating the Future of MRI Together

Together we can achieve more than we ever could apart, which is why we are excited to celebrate the success of our joint MRI fundraising campaign with St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation to date. 

Thanks to the outpouring of support from our incredible community, we are in the home stretch of our joint campaign to raise $10 million for two additional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines for our community. These scanners are an important investment that will alleviate long wait times for MRI services and allow patients in our community to receive their scans faster and closer to home—we are delighted to share that Grand River Hospital’s additional MRI machine will be operational in early 2023, making more MRI services available locally for patients at both hospitals.

By collaborating with St. Mary’s, we know we can build something better than either of us could accomplish alone. It’s why are are dedicated to working together to bring more MRI services to our community and to ultimately build the future of care for our region side by side.

While we are delighted to have nearly reached our fundraising goal together, there’s still time for you to help. Learn how and make a donation in support of MRI at both hospitals.

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