Planning for a New Eating Disorder Clinic Will Help Kids Close to Home

Planning for a New Eating Disorder Clinic Will Help Kids Close to Home

Planning for a New Eating Disorder Clinic Will Help Kids Close to Home

After a visit to the emergency room in March of 2021, Abby Myer’s 13-year-old daughter Ciara was admitted to Grand River Hospital and diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa, commonly known as anorexia, is an eating disorder characterized by weight loss and not being able to maintain an appropriate body weight; common symptoms include restricting food and over exercising.

After spending just over four weeks receiving care at the pediatric inpatient unit, Ciara was healthy enough to go home. She continues to receive ongoing outpatient care through the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and at follow-up visits with one of Grand River’s pediatricians.

Both Abby and Ciara are grateful for the wonderful care Ciara received at Grand River Hospital. The fact that she was able to receive the care she needed locally, instead of having to travel for care, also made a big difference in their experience, allowing Ciara and her mom to be close to home and the rest of their family. In fact, they’re now fundraising for resources to support a new children’s eating disorder clinic so that other kids experiencing eating disorders can access the same kind of exceptional care Ciara received during her time at Grand River.

“I know that [Grand River Hospital] will … be able to help many others that are struggling and need good care,” said Abby, who is also a staff member at the hospital. “I truly feel that helping these children close to home is vital, and to be able to provide parents with the tools they need to continue to support care at home will be so beneficial in recovery.” 

Ciara knows what a big difference a local children’s eating disorder clinic will make, and she hopes that by sharing her story, she will raise awareness and let others know they’re not alone and that it’s okay to talk about mental health.

Make a difference for patients like Ciara, and join her and Abby in fundraising for resources for a new children’s eating disorder clinic at Grand River Hospital. Make a donation today. 

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