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Paul McIntyre Royston

It’s an honour to tell you that Equitable Life of Canada is donating $4.6 million to support health care in Waterloo Region. This donation - which is the second highest Grand River Hospital has ever received (What is the first?)- will support two important initiatives: $4.5 million for a new MRI scanner at Grand River Hospital and $100,000 for

What makes this donation even more special is that Equitable Life is also celebrating an anniversary this year! The company has 100-year old roots in Waterloo Region and I’m so inspired by the fact the donation will improve the lives of so many residents for years to come. A gift to medical imaging is a gift to the entire community.  

You see, the existing MRI scanner at the hospital was installed in 2003 and has helped our dedicated team diagnose and treat thousands of patients over these years. The time has come to bring a new MRI scanner to this region. And now this wish is a reality thanks to Equitable. 

A new MRI scanner means up-to-date technology and a more comfortable experience. There are many benefits for the hospital, staff and most importantly the patients. Please learn more at

Over the next year, there will be updates about the progress of the new MRI scanner and I hope you’ll follow along on this journey. It’s just the beginning!

As for RegionReady?  That will be another post - but we are so grateful for the community coming together and raising more than $500,000 in support of our three hospitals.

Out of the Blue: We are musing about ordering some LEGO MRI’s for sale at, msg us if interested - 


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