Thank You to Our Donors and Supporters!

Thank You to Our Donors and Supporters!

Thank You to Our Donors and Supporters!

This Giving Tuesday, we wanted to say thank you on behalf of all the patients and hospital staff your donations have supported this year.

Over the past 12 months, so much great work has been accomplished at Grand River Hospital, none of which would have been possible without the support of community members like you. Your support makes a world of difference for patients and families receiving care and has funded items at the Hospital like

  • The Bioness Integrated Therapy System at the Freeport Campus. It allows people affected by a vision, motor or balance difficulty because of injury or illness to improve, or even regain, their mobility and coordination skills.

  • Unfunded Drugs at Grand River Regional Cancer Centre. Provincial regulatory bodies determine which drugs can be used to treat which types of cancer and in which situations. Some are funded by the government, and some are not. Unfunded drugs are often brand new or still awaiting final approval. For those with limited income and no health benefits, trying a different line of potentially lifesaving medication is simply not an option without financial support.

  • Hemodialysis Machines. Hemodialysis helps kidney care patients by drawing blood from the body and cleaning it by passing it through an artificial kidney machine. Our equipment operates from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday year round. Because of the constant use, even with the highest quality controls, these machines slowly take a beating and need to be replaced.

  • The Childbirth Kirlin 2 Light System: a critical project to replace the lighting in every childbirth room, ensuring each baby is welcomed to a clear and perfectly lit environment.

  • Updated Negative Pressure Rooms in our Emergency Department. These rooms keep our patients and staff safe by ensuring potentially contaminated air or other dangerous particles from inside the room will not flow out into non-contaminated areas.

Thank you so much for supporting Grand River and making our hospital a place where care never stops. We couldn't do it without you!