GrandServe: Transforming Patient Experience and Entertainment

GrandServe: Transforming Patient Experience and Entertainment

GrandServe: Transforming Patient Experience and Entertainment

Grand River Hospital Foundation is excited to announce the official launch of GrandServe, a new digital experience program that will transform patient experience for the better! Over the weekend, we successfully rolled out Phase I of the GrandServe program: a new, free high-speed WiFi network for patients and visitors at Grand River Hospital.

Women with red hair wearing a hospital gown chats with her toddler on a tablet while in the hospital

Prior to 2020, patients at Grand River Hospital could expect to pay out-of-pocket for services like rental TVs and access to WiFi—it was not uncommon for this to be the case at hospitals across the province. But at the start of the pandemic, Grand River Hospital Foundation quickly invested in making WiFi available to all patients for free as a way to keep them connected to the outside world when visitor restrictions due to Covid-19 meant that the world was no longer allowed in. While free WiFi access was a step in the right direction, Grand River Hospital still did not have the infrastructure to support the enhanced connectivity that would improve patient experience in the long-term, leading us to develop GrandServe.

The launch of the GrandServe WiFi network is just the first step in a much larger initiative that will enhance patient experience in new and innovative ways. Its increased bandwidth supports streaming services and video calls, providing us with the necessary infrastructure to start a bring-your-own-device program at Grand River Hospital. Now, patients and loved ones visiting the hospital can bring their own smartphones, tablets or laptops to watch their favourite movies or TV shows and easily stay connected to friends and family. It will also serve as the foundation on which future digital patient and visitor experience programs can be built.

Phase II of GrandServe will incorporate the addition of device borrowing in partnership with Kitchener Public Library and enTECH to ensure equitable access for all patients. Patients who don’t have their own devices or streaming service accounts will be able to borrow a device for free for the duration of their visit, and free content and streaming options will be made available through Kitchener Public Library. Grand River Hospital Foundation’s team of Volunteers will provide day-to-day program support and offer technical assistance to patients and visitors when needed.

Help us create the future of patient experience. Support GrandServe and learn more about the next phase of the initiative.

Patients and family members use tablets to stay entertained and connect with loved ones while at the hospital