Green Acre RV Park & Bruce Martin

Green Acre RV Park & Bruce Martin

Green Acre RV Park & Bruce Martin

In my world of fundraising it’s the stories about everyday people who step forward to do remarkable things that make what I do every day never feel like work.  Like the story of Bruce Martin and his family that I’d like to share with you today.

 In 1974, Bruce’s Dad took his passion for gardening and grew it into  Green Acre RV Park - a  project that started as a hobby to get people together and out of their apartments. It’s become a beautiful spot that provides 265 RV enthusiasts a place to settle when they return from the south, and overnight campers a place to rest while en route during the summer. 

Though his Dad has passed on, Bruce and his family continue to nurture the deep sense of community his Dad planted among Green Acre RV campers.  And when COVID-19 hit, Bruce took that Green Acre sense of community and planted another seed that grew way beyond what he thought possible. 

By giving his RV community a chance to donate a portion of their fees and and then matching their donations, Bruce raised a whopping $103,098!  And he says he’s not quite done because he’ll be asking his 90 overnight campers to be part of the project too. 

Bruce said he sees COVID-19 as a David and Goliath kind of thing. I couldn’t agree more - it’s how the action of one person can make a huge difference. Inspiring others, bringing people together and beating the unconquerable. 

The funds raised by the community of Green Acre will purchase equipment for emergency patient care and protect our health care workers with essential masks, gowns and face shields.  

Bruce says he’s an everyday kind of guy who doesn’t know much about fundraising. But I think he’s mistaken. He’s a hero disguised in everyday clothes who’s helping to save lives. From all of us at Grand River Hospital -  Thank You!