Lazuline’s Story

Lazuline’s Story

Lazuline’s Story

Hi. I’m Lazuline. I’m a chair — that’s right, a chair. Not just any old chair though; I’m a hemodialysis chair. I’m adjustable, reclinable, washable, movable and I like to think I’m a big part of the Grand River Hospital Renal Clinic. After all, me and my fellow chairs are in use 6,200 hours per year and I’m part of every in-centre dialysis patient’s life. 

Take Laura, for instance. For the last four years, three days a week, Laura drives from Elmira to sit on me. (I do have a great spot by the window.) We spend 3–4 hours together while Laura’s blood is cleaned. I like Laura a lot because she always has really interesting conversations with other patients and in-clinic volunteers like Charles. Also, she has great taste in books. (I am partial to thrillers too.) 

Anyway, I’ve been here a long time. Gosh, it must be since 1987. Me and the other chairs know we’re not as important as the nurses or doctors. We’re not even as vital as the dialysis machines, but it’s in our nature to make people comfortable and I think we do. 

Some days I wish I had new cushions. (I bet Laura would like that.) Sometimes I wish there were more of us. Then we wouldn’t have to listen to the waiting room chairs natter. “We’re more comfortable,” they say. Obviously they’re not. (They can’t even recline!) But if there were more of us, the waiting room chairs wouldn’t get used and maybe they would stop talking. (Fat chance!)

Oh, my friend Adil is here for dialysis and a movie! I have to get back to work now, but it’s been nice talking to you.


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