Let's Change This—Because Our Community's Mental Health Matters

Let's Change This—Because Our Community's Mental Health Matters

Let's Change This—Because Our Community's Mental Health Matters

One in five Canadians will experience mental illness each year, and the remaining four in five will know and love someone who does. And while so much progress has been made, there is still more that needs to be done. Too many people are struggling, and too many are not getting the help they need. The onset of the pandemic and the subsequent challenges of the last three years have impacted our mental health in a critical way.

More than 1 in 2 people struggling with their mental health aren't getting the help they need, and 1 in 4 Canadians have been experiencing high levels of anxiety. The number of opioid overdose deaths in Canada also went up more than 90% during the pandemic, and more than 200 Canadians will attempt suicide every day. That’s why this year's Bell Let’s Talk Day is focusing on how we all can make a difference in this collective mental health crisis with their new campaign, Let’s Change This. Here are just a few of the highlights from their campaign that can help you become a part of creating this positive CHANGE:

  • Choose a mental health organization to learn about or support
  • Help a friend struggling with their mental health by learning how to support them
  • Ask about how your school, workplace or community is creating change for mental health
  • Nurture your own well-being by practising and learning mental health strategies
  • Get involved in a mental health initiative or organize an event to support mental health
  • Engage in conversations about mental health to fight stigma

As an organization that has been generously supported by the Bell Let’s Talk Day initiative and our community in the past, Grand River Hospital is proud to play a critical role in both youth and adult mental health care in our community. To help you find support for your mental health, we have also compiled a list of local organizations offering mental health services within the KW4 Ontario Health Team.

You can also find a list of mental health resources on the Region of Waterloo’s website, and please remember to go to your local hospital, crisis centre or call 9-1-1 if you are experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency.

To support Mental Health care at Grand River Hospital, please visit GrandRiverMentalHealth.ca

Another important part of promoting mental health and wellness is talking about it, and we want to continue this conversation. If you have a mental health story you’d like to share or if you are a passionate supporter of Grand River’s mental health programs, we want to hear from you! Fill out the form at the link below, and your story could be shared on our website, in an upcoming e-newsletter or on our social media channels. Bell Let’s Talk Day may only come once a year, but we want to keep this conversation going all year around.

Share your story with us!