Meet One of Our 1000 Friends

Meet One of Our 1000 Friends

Meet One of Our 1000 Friends

We’re on our way to 1000 monthly subscribers! Our goal is to gather 1,000 monthly subscribers by the end of 2021. Two of our 1000 friends are Gerry and Susan Remers, who have been monthly subscribers for over 5 years. 

Their donor journey began when two of their grandchildren were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the care provided by the dedicated NICU staff inspired them to become monthly donors. Following this, After they lost their father in 2015 and sister-in-law in 2020, they saw – first hand – the level of care delivered by the front line workers in the intensive care unit (ICU). And they’ve been in and out of the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre many times for Gerry’s ongoing treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 

Gerry and Susan recognize and are grateful for the care the hospital has given them and their family and for the important role it plays in our community. They chose to be monthly donors because it’s easier for them – and their budget – to give steady,  planned amounts to the Hospital. “We have confidence in Grand River Hospital because it has been woven into the fabric of our lives; we’ve seen the best it has to offer families - in the most difficult of times.”

“They go out of their  way to be on time, inject a little humour into each visit, provide coffee, candy, warm blankets… anything they can do to make you comfortable. This level of compassion is present in every interaction we have ever had with Grand River Hospital’s staff.”

Their experience with Grand River hospital led them to also understand how important monthly donations are to the Hospital. As predictable donation amounts enable Grand River to purchase the vital equipment needed to offer the best care. The Hospital can plan effectively over the long term, while still being able to react quickly to unpredictable events and costs – like when a pandemic hits.  

“So we ask you to please consider a monthly donation… and offer you our sincere thanks for your support.”

Can we count on you?

Subscribing is easy - you can visit to give online, or you can call Betty Bax at 519-580-5108 or email