Meet Our Music Therapists: Introducing Tyler Reidy

Meet Our Music Therapists: Introducing Tyler Reidy

Meet Our Music Therapists: Introducing Tyler Reidy

I’ve always known about the impact of music in my own life—it was a place of refuge for me, growing up in an environment where my queer identity was not welcomed in a rural community. It eventually became my passion as a musician, which brought me to studying music in university.

Ironically, Grand River Hospital was my first experience interacting with and learning about music therapy. In 2015, I had the opportunity to shadow Sarah Pearson, the music therapist in oncology and palliative care at the time. I remember being so overcome with excitement, emotions and immediate interest in the work—it led me to pursue continuing volunteer work with a music therapist at KidsAbility and to do my Masters of Music Therapy degree at Wilfrid Laurier University.

I have specialized training in music therapy in children’s medical care and in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) music therapy, and I am currently initiating a new program at the KW Campus in the inpatient and outpatient children’s units. I am incredibly passionate about using music to support the developmental needs of premature infants in the NICU, supporting children and families during scary procedures in the hospital, and facilitating meaningful interactions with seniors and their loved ones.

I love that I get to make music every day with people and call it my job! I am always astounded to see the impact that engaging with an instrument may have, whether it’s writing an empowering song, reminiscing on a song from their childhood, or watching a client be able to communicate to their loved ones in a way that best suits them. I feel incredibly privileged to be a music therapist at Grand River Hospital.

— Tyler Reidy – Children and Childbirth Program

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