A Holiday Thank You for Hospital Staff

A Holiday Thank You for Hospital Staff

A Holiday Thank You for Hospital Staff

It's that time of year again! The holidays are here—Hanukkah has already come and passed, and Christmas and Kwanzaa are just weeks away. This means patients, care partners and community members alike are eager to demonstrate their appreciation for staff at Grand River Hospital. With the pandemic still very much upon us, we thought we'd share a few ways you can safely thank health care workers at the Hospital this holiday season that they're sure to appreciate!

Buy a Coffee for a Health Care Worker

For only $2.30, the price of an extra-large tea or coffee, you can brighten the day of health care workers at the hospital. A staff member will receive a coffee coin that they can redeem for a free beverage of their choice at Tim Horton's at either campus, and the proceeds will go back to the Foundation in support of the Hospital.

Feed the Front Line: Buy a Meal for a Health Care Worker

Provide meals delivered from a local restaurant or vendor for staff at the hospital. Say thank you to our health care workers while also supporting local businesses.

Gift Cards

Show your thanks with a gift card. Tim Horton's gift cards are a staff favourite, and team members always appreciate receiving them. Patients and care partners' can present gift cards, along with a card or note of thanks, directly to the health care teams who make a difference in their experience at the Hospital.

For members of the community who would like to show their thanks and appreciation, Grand River Hospital Foundation also accepts donated gift cards for staff and patients at the Hospital. You can arrange a time to drop them off at the Foundation office at 40 Green St. by filling out the form on the Gifts from the Heart page on our website. While Tim Horton's is a staff favourite, Gifts from the Heart also shares other types of gift cards staff might like to receive.

Staff Support Endowment Funds

In addition to buying a coffee or meal for our hardworking health care workers, there is also a collection of endowment funds that support learning and education opportunities for staff at the hospital. Visit our Endowments page to learn more about each of the funds and what opportunities and resources they offer to hospital staff.

From the staff at Grand River Hospital, thank you so much for your support! We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.