Uzun Family

Uzun Family

Uzun Family

We’re Tayfun and Steph of Waterloo Region. As graduates of the University of Waterloo, we've seen our city evolve and thrive over the years. Today, we'd like to share a bit about ourselves, our motivation for giving back, and the personal experiences that inspired our recent donation to Grand River Hospital.

Our Roots in Waterloo

Both of us hail from Waterloo, a city that has witnessed our growth and transformation. Tayfun is deeply immersed in the tech industry and early-stage startup investments, with a focus on Canadian ventures, while Steph channels her passion into education, serving as an elementary teacher with the Waterloo Region District School Board. Together, we are parents to two young sons and share our home with two adorable golden retrievers.

Motivation for Giving Back

Our decision to give back to Grand River Hospital stems from a fundamental belief in the importance of community support. We have personally experienced the strength of community during challenging times and felt compelled to reciprocate that support.

Alignment with Personal Values

Central to our desire to give back is our belief in the importance of helping others in any way you can. We strongly believe that everyone in our community deserves excellent health care, and supporting the Hospital aligns with our broader values of compassion, empathy, and communal responsibility.

Inspiration from Personal Experiences

The catalyst for our recent donation was a deeply personal experience. When our youngest son was born, he spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Grand River Hospital, and we were touched by the personable, skilled, and compassionate team members who took care of him. Despite the anxiety and stress that come with such situations, the team made us feel calm and safe, and we knew we were in good hands. This commitment is not only a token of appreciation to the NICU team but also extends to the remarkable care provided to Steph's mom during her treatments at Grand River Hospital. Her recurring strokes, stemming from a congenital heart defect, were met with exceptional care and steadfast dedication, leaving us incredibly thankful. Through our donation, we aim to contribute to ensuring that others, like our family, can experience this same exceptional level of care during challenging times - we are forever grateful.

Hopes for Impact

We hope that our donation will contribute to creating a community where everyone receives timely and effective health care. Navigating the challenges of a hospital visit can be daunting, and we want our support to help alleviate some of this stress for local patients and families while enhancing the overall patient experience.

Inspiring Others to Get Involved

In sharing our story, we hope to inspire others and help them recognize the importance of supporting local health care. Over the years, and especially during the pandemic, we learned how fortunate we are to have hardworking, dedicated healthcare workers caring for our community. We hope our story and contribution will encourage others to come together in support of world-class health care in our region and enhancing our community’s access to advanced technology and therapies in health care.

Our journey from receiving exceptional health care to becoming a health care supporters is a testament to the power of community and shared responsibility. As we navigate life in Waterloo, we remain committed to fostering a community where compassion, support, and excellent health care are accessible to all. Together, we can build a healthier and stronger tomorrow for everyone in our beloved city.