Emergency & Critical Care

Ensuring care is here in our communities when it’s needed most.

When every minute counts, it’s critical to have world-class care close to home. Grand River Hospital’s emergency and critical care teams are always at the ready, providing lifesaving care for our communities.

Donate to Emergency & Critical Care

Despite ongoing system pressures, our emergency and critical care teams continue to show up for our communities when they need us the most. Our emergency and critical care teams include:

  • emergency department
  • fracture clinic
  • intensive care unit (ICU)
  • acute stroke services

And so much more.

Your investment in Emergency & Critical Care is an investment in our healthcare system as a whole. Ensuring the right care is available to everyone when they need it the most. Keeping emergency and critical care close to home. You can make this happen.

Grand River Hospital and Foundation have prioritized five key projects that will enable ongoing and improved patient experience through investments in emergency and critical care. Your investment ensures our team is able to continue providing exceptional, patient-focused care in our communities:

Did You Know?

Grand River Hospital has repeatedly been recognized as one of the top ten emergency and critical care centres in Ontario. And, we’re the only hospital outside of the Greater Toronto Area to make this list. Our teams continue to seek out novel ways of getting patients the care they need as quickly as possible.