Two Grand River Hospital team members perform medical device reprocessing

Learning + Innovation

Meeting the Current and Emerging Needs in Our Communities

At Grand River Hospital, we know that exceptional patient care requires a commitment to and focus on innovation. We need to embrace education, technologies, and novel solutions to show up for our communities’ current and emerging needs. And, we know we can't do this work alone.

Donate to Learning + Innovation

Through partnerships with organizations and businesses in technology, innovation, and education, we’re providing researchers and clinicians with opportunities to work together on groundbreaking projects, advancing treatment and care at the Hospital and beyond. This innovation is rooted in ongoing education and learning opportunities for our teams. Investing in our teams’ education is an investment in their professional and personal growth, and has a positive outcome on patient experiences.

We need donors, like you, with a shared value of continuous learning and innovation, to help us achieve our ambitious aim of building a world-class health system for all.

Grand River Hospital and Foundation have prioritized five key projects that will enable ongoing and improved patient experience through investments in innovation and education. Your investment ensures our team is able to continue providing exceptional, patient-focused care in our communities:


Paul McIntyre Royston
Patient Experience Lead
Two healthcare workers look at a computer screen together. One sits at the desk while the other stands next to her and points out some information on the screen.

Did You Know?

Grand River Hospital works with partners in the technology, education, and health sectors on a number of research initiatives. Our current areas of focus include:

  • ✪ Cancer
  • ✪ Chronic Disease Management
  • ✪ Aging Well and Care for Older Adults
  • ✪ Patient and Family Experience
  • ✪ Innovation in Health Care