Digital Support and Device Lending

Grand River Hospital & Foundation have embarked on an incredible journey to revolutionize patient experience through a new hospitality-inspired initiative: GrandServe. GrandServe delivers high-speed connectivity, incredible tech to trial and will evolve into a patient concierge service. The program is in strategic alignment with Grand River Hospital’s vision of bringing a world class health system to our shared community. (

When patients are at the Hospital, they face a number of challenges, especially in a pandemic, in staying connected with their families and accessing content to ease and enhance their health journey. We recently launched the new high-speed patient-only WiFi for those who bring their own device.

In the very near future we will be rolling out the first of its kind program in the world (that we've seen) will bring a new high-speed WiFi, new TVs, voice-controlled Firesticks, iPads, and Chromebooks to patients – all free of cost.