How Does It Work?

At Grand River Hospital Foundation, we want to support you in creating a meaningful experience to celebrate the memory of a loved one.

Simply click the button below to "Create Your Memory Page". Once you complete the form we will work with you to create a customized donation page that you can share with family and friends. 

Create Your Memory Page

What's Included With Your Page?

● A customized URL (web address) you can share with family and friends
● A place to include photos and quotes from your loved one
● The ability to receive a notification any time someone donates to your page
● The ability to track total amount and number of donations directly on the page for all to see
● The ability to customize the messages on the donation receipts that are sent to supporters who make a donation to your page

Looking to make a donation without setting up a custom donation page? Click the button below to donate.

In Memory Donation