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Your impact at Grand River Hospital

When you support Grand River Hospital, you make it possible to fund the equipment and programs we need to keep our community healthy as we strive toward our vision of a world-class health system supporting healthier lives. You also help us offer more diagnostic and treatment services right here in Kitchener-Waterloo, making sure our communities can easily access care whenever they need it. Thanks to your generosity, you make it possible for the Hospital to support our communities in the following ways:

Provide world-class care that addresses the current and emerging, unique and specialized needs of our communities.

Purchase new and replacement equipment so Hospital teams can provide the best possible screening, treatment, and patient experiences and outcomes.

Support new initiatives to give patients access to the most innovative treatments, services, and programs.

Educate healthcare workers through ongoing training opportunities to upgrade skill sets and introduce them to the latest clinical and technological

Lead important research so we can continue to advance treatment and care for the needs of today, and tomorrow.

Impact Updates

Financial Statements

“Thank you for your contributions to my learning and development! I am well on my way to obtaining my CPA designation and your contributions have helped ease the financial burden on myself and my family!”
"I very much appreciate the opportunity to further my professional development through the LDF. Thank you."
"My sincere thanks for helping me to further/continue my education and continue to work towards being able to offer the best care possible to all patients".
“Thank you for your generous donations! These donations provide wonderful opportunities for us to increase our knowledge to be able to give back to the community. ”
"Thank you so much for these donations that allowed me to take the Perinatal Intensive Care certificate. This program has expanded my knowledge and skills when it comes to providing safe, educated care for our neonatal population. I am quite passionate about developing my knowledge around neonates and appreciate the opportunity to grow and learn through education."
"These courses allow me to work as a fully registered mammography technologist, a specialty of x-ray, so thank you!"
"Thank you for the ongoing support in the advancement of my nursing education and career. I started furthering my education two years ago, and each year I am thankful to have some financial support to help lessen the financial burden to myself and to my family. I do hope this funding will continue so others too can have the same opportunity as I did".
“Thank you so much for giving me the oppourtnity to expand my studies to be able to complete my Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. With this donation I will be able to use the money to cover my tuition and books for the semester."
“Thank you so incredibly much! It is a privilege to be able to have access to education. I am very grateful. With your help, I am a little closer to my goal of furthering my nursing education so that I may be able to offer an even stronger level of care to our community!”
“Thank you so much for supporting education for healthcare professionals. You are directly impacting patient care at Grand River Hospital by allowing staff to develop advanced knowledge and skills.”