Embarking on a Medical Outreach Trip to Zambia

Embarking on a Medical Outreach Trip to Zambia

Embarking on a Medical Outreach Trip to Zambia

We’re sharing the inspiring stories of Grand River Hospital team members who are working to provide exceptional patient care beyond Grand River Hospital’s walls to patients in need across Africa.    


I am always counting my blessings for my health and the ability to care for others.

After being on the front line battling the COVID-19 pandemic, I will embark on a two-week medical tour with other Canadian medical professionals at the end of September to participate in Zambia Medical Outreach 2022 under International Needs Canada. Once on the ground in Zambia, in the Muzabula area, the team will provide medical services in the Village Clinic at the ZACTS School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. We also will serve the surrounding villages. Funds raised will be used by International Needs Canada to buy life-saving medicine for patients and cover the cost of the trip. Donations are also tax-deductible. Anyone who wishes to can join us. 

In 2018, inspired by Dr. Rebecca Kruisselbrink at Grand River Hospital, I joined the Ghana Medical Outreach 2018 under International Needs Canada, providing care to over 450 patients each day. I was amazed at the positive impact this type of medical outreach had in people's lives: mainly with children with malaria, parasitic worms, pregnant women with anemia and the elderly population. 

I have always held dear to my heart the words of my nursing professor when she said, “Nursing was more than just a pay cheque." 

Group photo taken in one of the clinics with the Ghana group

Group photo taken in one of the clinics with the Ghana group. Phindile MacDonald (third from right).

If you are interested in donating to make this upcoming medical outreach trip possible, you can do so by following this link: http://ow.ly/M9va50JG5sR

— Phindile MacDonald, Registered Nurse, Clinical Teaching Unit 

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