Choice Maps - What path will you choose? - Digital Download


The Choice Map™ and You Imagine it’s you who’s standing at the crossroads on the left side of the Choice Map. Something has just happened. Now you have to solve a problem or make a decision. Maybe it’s related to an important goal in some area in your life. Perhaps it’s you with your business or career. Maybe it’s in a problem within a relationship with family, friends, or colleagues.

Do this experiment while you think about that situation. First, ask yourself judger questions (see below) and notice how they affect your mood and confidence. Now, breathe, switch and instead ask yourself Learner questions (see below). What was it like the second time? What about your mood and confidence? What solutions and possibilities can you see now?

You can change your questions and change your life. When you find yourself in Judger and want to be Learner instead, ask yourself Switching questions and “reset” to Learner, including: Am I in the Judger path? Is that how I want to feel? Where would I rather be? And how else can I think about this?

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