Mental Health

Partnering to improve mental health in our communities.

One in five Canadians will experience mental illness each year. The remaining four in five? They know someone who’s dealing with mental illness.

Our teams are committed to changing mental health care in our communities. Through programs, outreach, partnerships, and advocacy, we’re challenging attitudes and behaviours, and supporting the vital work of creating a world where mental health is viewed as health.

Donate to Mental Health

As awareness of mental illness grows and stigmatization decreases, the mental health and addictions team at Grand River Hospital needs donors, like you, to help them be prepared to best serve our communities.

Grand River Hospital and Foundation have prioritized five key projects that will enable ongoing and improved patient experience through investments in programs and services. Your gift ensures our team is able to continue providing exceptional, patient-focused mental health and addictions care in our communities:


Ashley Howat
Chief Giving Officer
Mental Health Care Lead

Grand River Mental Health Services Include:

  • ✪ Adult Mental Health Inpatient
  • ✪ Adult Mental Health Outpatient
  • ✪ Children’s Mental Health
  • ✪ Child & Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health
  • ✪ Crisis Team & Mental Health Emergency Care
  • ✪ Addictions & Withdrawal Management
  • ✪ Specialized Mental Health