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Seth Jutzi, Board Chair

On Board since June 8, 2016
"I firmly believe you get better care at home and our goal is to excel and provide the services that are important in our community."

Steve Currie, Past Board Chair

On Board since August 20, 2012
"It was eye-opening to understand that we have a world-class cancer care centre here in Waterloo Region that impacts the lives of so many in our community."

Tobi Day-Hamilton, Vice Chair & Governance Committee Chair

On Board since September 26, 2018
"Our region deserves continued quality healthcare and experience you would expect to receive at any larger Hospital for generations to come, with the added local feel and support of an amazing community."

Bobby Thompson, Board Treasurer

On Board since June 26, 2019
"I was inspired daily by health care providers and developed an even stronger passion to give back to GRH..."

Kenda Allen

On Board since June 20, 2018
"Life is a gift, and one that can be prolonged for some through the support of a world class healthcare system."

Mark Bingeman

On Board since June 8, 2016
"...access to superior healthcare is a cornerstone to feed the social and economic growth of our region."

Bruce Brown

On Board since September 26, 2018
"I believe that the two most important things that separate great communities are the education system and the healthcare system."

Jonathan Dunlop

On Board since June 14, 2017
"...with both a young family and an ageing extended family, it is very comforting knowing that Grand River Hospital is and will be there for us throughout all of life's ups and downs."

Ron Gagnon

On Board since November 7, 2018
"The vision for the Hospital and communities is a brand for healthcare excellence - one integrated system that is community, patient and family-driven."

Jack Garramone

On Board since March 8, 2017
"...I was very impressed with the quality of care and therefore had an openness to supporting the Hospital."

Hongwei Liu

On Board since November 18, 2020
"...Our healthcare system in Canada is one of the perks that attract immigrants like myself and my parents."

Dr. Neil Naik

On Board since November 18, 2020
"Innovation is huge for me. The constant desire to change for the better just means that we as a group will always strive for greener grass."

Komal Singh

On Board since June 23, 2021
"My hope is that access to healthcare continues to be equitable for all of us, and I’m honoured to do my small bit in making that happen by being on the Board."

Sandra Stone

On Board since June 14, 2017
"My experience demonstrates how important it is to ensure the Hospital is sufficiently funded to provide the care, equipment and facilities this community deserves."

Our Committees

Governance & Nominating Committee

The Governance and Nominating Committee makes recommendations and nominations to the Foundation Board relative to it's members and officers, as well as foundation membership. It also reviews and makes recommendations with respect to the broader issues concerning the Board and the overall governance of the Foundation.

Seth Jutzi (Chair)Steve CurrieLinda Barlow, Bruce Brown, Paul McIntyre Royston, Stephanie Makrydakis  (Recording Secretary)

Finance Investment & Audit Committee

The Finance, Investment and Audit Committee acts on behalf of the Foundation Board of Directors in both an investment and audit oversight function. As such, its role is to manage and safeguard the Foundation's assets by implementing various policies approved by the Board and to perform the traditional duties of a finance and audit committee.

Bobby Thompson (Chair), Jennifer McInnis, Steve Currie, Paul McIntyre Royston, Theresa Fischer, Mike O'Neil, Claude Macorin, Charlene Wetherill, Nick Heffner, Stephanie Makrydakis (Recording Secretary)

Our Advisory Groups

Grand Army

The Grand Army provides advice, ideas and feedback related to donor recognition, events, thank yous, the hospital environment and their personal experiences. This can include everything from look and feel, timing, equality with a vision to craft the best donor experience in Waterloo Region while keeping an eye to budget and capacity.

Members: Sandra Stone (Board Lead), Stephanie Makrydakis (Staff Lead), Ashley Andrews, Angela Birago-Gyamafi, Valerie Bradford, Brandon Van Dam, Monica Jutzi, Paul McIntyre Royston, Jenny Shantz

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