Support Local with truLOCAL X Grand River Hospital Foundation

Support Local with truLOCAL X Grand River Hospital Foundation

Support Local with truLOCAL X Grand River Hospital Foundation

Eat healthy and support local with truLOCAL, a high-quality, local meat delivery service. For a limited time, Grand River Hospital supporters can get a discount on custom built boxes of high quality, locally sourced meat products—truLOCAL will even donate a portion of proceeds from your purchase directly to cancer care at Grand River, an area of care the team at truLOCAL has a special connection to.

“Our people are the core of everything we do,” explained truLOCAL Co-Founder Greg Quaile. “When one of our employees was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and received treatment at Grand River Regional Cancer Centre, we wanted to give back. That's why we're delighted to partner with Grand River Hospital”

Although the employee from truLOCAL wished to remain anonymous, they were generous enough to share their experience with us to highlight the value of local cancer care and the difference you make when you support the hospital.

“The quality of care I received [at Grand River Regional Cancer Centre] was high-level,” they recalled. “The staff were very compassionate . . . They always went out of their way to make sure patients were as comfortable as possible.”

Local cancer centres help patients thrive and get healthy again. Because you support Grand River, not only was this individual able to receive high quality cancer care, but they were able to receive that care close to home without the added stress of having to worry about travelling out of the region for treatment. Now, they’re a cancer survivor.

“If we don't support local [cancer] centres, then where does our community go for treatment?” they remarked. “I have a lot of gratitude for Grand River Hospital because of the prompt care I've received. They have given me another chance at life.”

Make your purchase make a difference. From now until May 12th, 2022, support Grand River Hospital Foundation’s fundraiser with truLOCAL, and your box will be delivered right to your door!

Visit and select Grand River Hospital Foundation to support local cancer care at Grand River Regional Cancer Centre.