EVENT - Mental Health Pizza 2023



Hello Everyone,

Last Saturday we held the 3rd annual MentalHealthPizza.com event and we are pleased to share that it raised over $5,000 for mental health at Grand River Hospital. 

As you can see, running this event does take work and time but it is also a whole bunch of fun for my family and the Alexander-Trans. I highly encourage anyone to help build community and raise funds just like we do every year. If you're interested don't hesitate to reach out to me and help find a connection to the cause that really resonates for you. Thanks again for the support with a special note to the Pioneer Lions, all our Clarence and Gordon Neighbours and the incredible volunteer effort from all our pizza makers.


Paul McIntyre Royston
Grand River Hospital Foundation - President & CEO
Grand River Hospital - Chief Communications Officer

PS: Our sponsors of Brandon's Burn Bags and the Wooden Boat were awesome!