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Nathan’s story

Nathan’s story GRHF story Nathan’s story GRHF story

Meet Nathan. He raised $7,000 for Grand River Hospital.

Most nine-year-old boys spend their time playing video games, hanging out with friends, or enjoying the outdoors. Nathan – who enjoys those as well – spent many hours at the hospital visiting his dad.

“He has such a big heart and always wants to help others. He was inspired by his uncle and dad and wanted to something for others, not for himself,” Kendra, Nathan’s mom.

Nathan’s dad was a cancer patient at Grand River Hospital. Nathan, his mom and brother would visit as much as possible. It was during one of those visits before the holidays, when Nathan decided he wanted to do something to make the clinic setting more comfortable for patients.

Patients receiving treatment are required to stay in the same chair for a long period of time. Old and worn out equipment and chairs can make the process difficult, especially for patients who are very ill.

Nathan approached his mom and grandma and came up with the idea to sell Santa sacks – personalized bags that people could fill with gifts for the holidays. The proceeds would be donated to the hospital to help purchase new chairs in the treatment areas.

The word quickly spread about Nathan’s fundraiser, which became known as Nathan’s Mission. He received orders from across the region, and even as far away as the United States and England!

“I just wanted to make patients happier at Christmas,” says Nathan.

The $1,000 goal was surpassed and in three months, Nathan had raised $7,000 for the hospital.

Nathan’s family is proud of his hard work and commitment to give back to the community.

The funds Nathan raised helped Grand River Hospital purchase two new chemotherapy chairs and side tables. Thanks to Nathan, patients will be comfortable and happy all year round.

If you’re inspired by Nathan’s story you can also help improve the treatment areas at Grand River Hospital.

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